• Click here and subscribe to NL: (Gewinnspiel: $10k für alle die subscriben) (alain)
  • Set up metamask wallet (alain)
  • Set up metamask wallet (remo)
  • Buy 5-10k worth of BNB and send to metamask (alain)
  • Buy 5-10k worth of BNB and send to metamask (alain)
  • Buy GHNY on day 1 (alain)
  • Buy GHNY on day 1 (remo)


  • Swiss company
  • DeFi aggregator (one platform to invest in multiple liquidity mining pools via smart contract)
  • Focus on stablecoin liquidity mining (low returns 5-20% but no impermanent loss)
  • Later non-stablecoin liquidity mining as well
  • They have their own Honey Token (GHNY)
  • They run on Binance Smart Chain
  • Compatible with Pancakeswap
  • invested 1M CHF into building this company

How to buy GHNY:

  • Install Metamask Chrome plugin
  • Create Metamask wallet
  • Buy BNB on exchange and send to Metamask wallet
  • Use BNB to buy GHNY

Investment idea:

  • Buy 5-10k worth of GHNY token on day 1 (we need to have our BNB ready)
  • Could 10-100x in short time
  • Initial market cap will be 500k -> similar projects have market cap of 50-1000M


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